Tickled to Death: How to Laugh at Your Enemies

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Here’s a good message on how to use laughter in battle and why you need to learn to laugh at your enemies.

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But I get it. Sometimes a good word like that is hard to put into practice. With the stuff that went down in and around me this week, it’s hard to laugh. I get it. Sometimes the enemies feel so big you want to cry, not laugh.

But a dear and wise friend asked me this week, “Who is stronger? God or that enemy after you?”

If you’re in that place too, where you can barely bring yourself to sing, let alone laugh… I’m here for you. I have added this sweet little bonus to help you get started laughing at the days to come:

Anytime you find yourself drowning, feel free to pop back over here. Let’s have a good laugh together.

Lots of love!