you have Ever Present Help in meal planning, time managing, and all the things

I’m so thankful we aren’t left to figure this out on our own!

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Something my mom, Ms. Jane, and Ms. Quin have taught me is to ask God for strategies. Strategies for anything! Whether it’s about how to pray for my current trial or whether it’s what I can cook for my family quickly this week. God cares about you and he cares about the work of your hands. That’s good news for this mama!

I trust that He loves to help us in our time of need, big or small. He loves to help us find hope in our huge faith crises and loves to help us in the small panic of how we can stop the morning madness and get our families out the door peacefully.

I love sharing these stories with you because that’s how I learned to invite the Lord in- simply by listening to the stories of others and gleaning from how they invite the Lord.

That said, we are going to mix it up a bit this week! Here are some things the Lord and I have been working on together. As you read these, pick the one you’d most like me to follow up on for next week! I’m here to serve you as best I can, so be sure to vote for your top pick!

  • I could feel the impending breakdown. It was coming. We’ve had tough news this week and my responsibilities are increasing. I felt like I had two and a half full time jobs with no paid hours. (This position is otherwise known as “being a mom.”) The Lord helped me think through my time. He really homed in on morning and evening routines. Not just mine, but my whole family’s. So, I did some prep work and then we held a family meeting. I know this is fueled by prayer, but wow! Since that ONE family meeting, we are ALL much more at peace, feeling less rushed and frazzled, and I’m actually enjoying finding some time to take a breather. Want to know more?

  • Meal time! This week, I’ve had a lot going on. With my health, it’s just not a good option to buy the big pre-made meals at Costco that look so tempting. The Lord graciously helped me stumble on some meals that EVEN ME (the woman who moves like a ssslllllllllooooooooth) can prep in less than ten minutes. I’m tired of reading about 30 minute meals because they take me an hour and a half! So this was an amazing breakthrough for me! Hearty, healthy meals in less than 10 minutes hands-on time. Woot! I’d love to share them with you!

  • We had the guys group over mid-week, and I realized AS THEY WALKED IN THE DOOR that I totally forgot to fix them up a little treat for their discussion. Yes, it would have been fine if I just didn’t make anything that week. But many of these guys just feel so darn loved with a little bit of homemade goodness. So in the time it took my girls to hop in the shower, I was able to whip up Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake cookies. Voila! (And thank you, mom and grandma!) Want the recipe and some other great ideas to keep on hand for short-notice company?

  • In my heart this week, the best way I’ve dealt with some difficult news has been to pause. I don’t call everybody. I don’t mass text. I get with the Lord as best I can. When He gives me the green light and a name, that’s who I contact and talk to them about it. I’m so glad He knows how to protect our hearts and guard us. This morning, He sent me to Isaiah 49:10-15. It’s a promise to lead us with mercy (click here to find out why the promise of mercy means so much to me!). It gets even better. In Isaiah 49:15, the Lord promises, “I will not forget you.” If you’ve felt forgotten this week, either by God or by other people you depend on, rest in that promise. He has not forgotten you!

Ok my loves! Which option would help you most this week?

My Top Choice:

I love having your voice in this discussion!

By the way- Thank you all for the thoughtful, loving feedback you’ve been writing, texting, and sharing with me. As mothers and writers and prayer warriors, our work is mostly unseen. We trust that God is growing up a harvest under all that dirt. But it sure is encouraging to hear some of these seeds have already sprung up fruit in your lives… so thank you for letting me know. Thank you. Feels like a little bit of rain on the soil I’m tilling up around here. ; )

I send you lots of love! Til next time…

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