Can’t find your purpose, Love? + Self-Care Kit

To all the weary women out there today. I’m just here to spread some loving.

I’ve been starting my days often before 4am, so sleeping in until 6am felt kind of AMAZING. It’s just where I’m at right now. So I did something crazy today to shake up my morning routine of quiet, solitude and prayer. I actually took a shower. (This is not something I usually prioritize in my schedule. I just squeeze it in when I can … or when I HAVE to. You know.) Then I put on make-up. Now some of yall don’t understand why this is crazy. But for me, it is. I have no where to be. Nothing to do. And I am dressed, wearing make-up, looking good and smiling and it’s not even 7am! I just feel alive.

I never use make-up to cover up weak and weary. I only use make-up as an outward expression of internal joy. That’s a fun place to be. And it feels honest.

So, I now I only have ten minutes before I need to wake the kids, and I do something else crazy. I actually get online. I read this blog by Sarah Philpott. She’s one of those women you see from far off and she kind of glimmers. Like the radiance of God is upon her? You know the kind.

It’s titled, “To the EXHAUSTED mom trying to DWELL in HIS presence.” Yes! That’s me. Yes, I’m sure that’s likely you too, dear one! So, feel free to pop on over to Sarah’s farm here.

I read her story of God meeting her when she was at the end of herself. I thought of all the times that hitting rock bottom pulls this new kind of prayer out of us.

It also makes me remember all those times… All those times, we pray and pray but maybe we’re not really praying at all. Maybe we’re just actually verbalizing our worry in the presence of God and so we pretend its prayer. Maybe we’re trying to just micromanage God and tell Him how we think He should do His job. Ouch. I know. I’ve been seeing this theme rise up of praying differently in the hearts of many writers. As it’s been on mine too, then I know it’s something that’s on the heart of Holy Spirit. He’s trying to spread these seeds far and wide. So let’s really listen.

I think about her post and then I flip open the Word. I’m headed to Matthew, but Song of Solomon steps in front of me. I stumble over these words:

“How beautiful and pleasant you are,

O loved one, with all your delights.”

-Song of Songs 7:6

And I read the note I penned in the margins:

“My Purpose is to be loved and to love.”

That’s it.

That’s your purpose too. Any calling or anointing or gifting is just a bonus to love others around you the best you can out of this love that God’s poured into you.

Your purpose today is actually not your to-do list. Your purpose today is not your work. Your purpose today is to tune your heart to the whispers of Holy Spirit—to believe Him when He calls you more precious than rubies, to receive when He delights in you, to relish in how He loves you, to agree with God (and not argue with Him) when He says you are beautiful and pleasant to Him. He calls you “loved one.”

Nothing transforms our hearts more than to receive the love and kindness of God.

And therefore, nothing transforms our impact on those around us more than to be first loved by God.

In all our efforts to get stuff done, we offer up all kinds of prayers. But I wonder if we put first things first, what might really begin to shift? I wonder what would radically change if our first cry is—Love me, Lord. And help me love you back. Love others through me.

I hope this brings you the deep sense of peace and rest that it brings me.

So what’s your purpose today, beloved?


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In the bleek and the hush of January, I sensed Holy Spirit wanting me to share practical ways you could receive love and actually love on yourself a bit. (I know that may be a foreign concept! To love yourself! But we’ll get there together.) The Lord’s been putting this idea of offering you a self-care kit.

What’s a Self-Care Kit?

  • Daily declarations, prayers, and simple action steps to learn to love yourself better.

  • One email a day for 14 days with a practical way you can love on yourself.

I plan to kick it off mid-February because, because, love.

I’ve been spending most of January praying through how I can serve you best (and just writing like crazy. I have so much to share with you!). BUT I’m not here to toot my own horn or to just add noise to the internet.

I’m here to help you hear the still small voice of the Lord.

So, thank you for your honest responses to my one question this week. They confirm that while the self-care kit didn’t make sense to me, the self-care kit may be JUST EXACTLY what you need. (That’s so like God’s kindness, isn’t it? To know better than us and then to confirm it!)

He intimately knows you and loves you. He’s been telling me so. You are not alone.

If you want in on this FREE “Self-Care Kit,” just sign up below:

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