A Little Gift for the Lonely on Valentine’s Day


You’ve been on my mind.

Often days of celebration can trigger the deepest psalm of lament in our hearts. Suddenly, we are more aware of the broken relationships in our lives. And this only proves true that:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Teddy Roosevelt

You’ve been on my mind.

I think the Lord wants to remind you that you aren’t alone. And He put it on my heart to guide you through some basic ways to care for the body and mind God gave you, basic things that maybe you’ve forgotten in the hustle. He put it on my heart to offer Daily Bread and Daily Declarations, so you can speak outloud what is true. So, He nudged me to create a Self-Care Kit for you. These are two weeks of simple, no-cost challenges you can do to take better care of yourself.

Imagine someone taking you by the hand and saying, “You are worth this." The Lord loves to care for you. He speaks tenderly to you.” And this Self-Care Kit is just another way to pay attention to that Still Small Loving Voice that sings over you.

You’ve been on my mind.

Vulnerability is the precursor to joy. -Danita Jenae

I think the Lord wants to remind you that you aren’t alone. And He doesn’t mind repeating Himself, repeating His words of affection over you. Sometimes, these affections take the form of a whisper, a song, a verse. Sometimes, a self-care kit popped into your inbox. And sometimes in the form of a book:

You are not alone. And the Lord has not forgotten you. These words were penned long ago to show His love to you.

And if you’re ready to try something new and take better care of yourself, sign up below. The free Self-Care Kit will be on it’s way to you shortly.

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