The Decluttering Prayer for Peace

This morning, I woke to a hundred thoughts.

These days, they are good thoughts. And that one sentence right there is proof that Jesus is real. That He really can save us. That he really can redeem what we’ve messed up. Shut doors we shouldn’t have opened. And it’s proof He is able to deliver us from not only our own junk and bad choices, but also, He is able to deliver us from years and years of tormenting thoughts. I was tormented for years in my mind and dreams and thoughts and emotions. And Jesus delivered me.

Let’s be real. You might be thinking, “Well good for you.” But dear, take heart. That same God is still alive and working today. He is able and can deliver you too. I don’t share for you to compare or get frustrated with your own story. I share to give you hope to not give up. Because I remember kicking in the cardboard box at night and the torment of the day. And I know how hard it is to want to keep going. And I know how hard it is to feel like you’re never gonna get your breakthrough. But friend, your breakthrough is coming. Just don’t give up.

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Oh. Praise God. Praise God! He sets us free… Those aren’t just catch phrases. Those are my reality. Praise God! He sets us free!

Today, my external circumstances are pretty much chaos. Our home, our location, our everything is all up in the air, where everything is unknown to me. And yet… I have this peace that nobody could explain. And not one ounce of me could manufacture it on my own. I used to try to manufacture peace. I used to try to clean out my house in order to find peace. I used to clear out my mind in order to find peace. But it never really worked. If it did, it was brief and fleeting.

I have peace that remains because my peace is a gift given to me. I didn’t muster it up. I received it. My peace is the person of Jesus Christ. One of His names is “the Prince of Peace.” Won’t you receive Him today? The way you receive a guest into your home, receive Jesus today? I think He's knocking at your door.

In Isaiah 9, it says that “of the increase of His government of peace, there will be no end.” I love that verse so much! Because it shows me that He rules and reigns in peace. The kingdoms of this world don’t rule and reign like that, now do they?! Because He has come into my heart, because His kingdom has moved into my life, because the Holy Spirit of God now makes his home within me… I have peace that doesn’t check out when things get ugly. I have peace even in grief, uncertainty, doubt, and dismay.

Today, I have peace that remains no matter how tough and turbulent things get. No matter how many unknowns and unsettled things.

And you can too.

This peace is worth fighting for. One of the verses that helped me understand how to get peace and joy (like the for real kind) is one I came across while my husband was deployed:

Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

That verse tells me it’s not by my own power. (I knew that but I didn’t know that.)

That verse tells me that the path to hope and peace and joy comes “as I learn to trust in Jesus.” I love that this means it’s a process, it’s a journey. It’s not a quick fix. But it is a developing relationship. And the more you grow in intimacy with Jesus, the more baby steps you take to trusting in Him, the more your life just naturally bubbles up with peace and joy that’s like… almost weird. Like where did this come from?!? And why am I so calm right now?!? It cannot be explained!

So this morning, as I wake to a hundred swirling thoughts, they are lovely ones. I’m at peace with the decisions I have to make ahead of me. I trust God will show me the way. Yet even good things can crowd out what’s most important.

So I prayed.

Let’s call this the decluttering prayer. And I invite you to join me. Feel free to even whisper it out loud. Voice it. Speak it into the atmosphere around you.

The Decluttering Prayer:

Lord, I surrender every thought to you. Please sort through them for me. I can’t figure out which ones are most important. They all seem good to me. And Lord, if I’m deceived and they’re not good, I give them to you as well. I entrust ALL these thoughts, ideas, projects, dreams, and plans to You. I also submit ALL my emotions to you. Because I know I can trust you to help me. Help me trust you more.

Holy Spirit, I invite you into my heart, my mind, my emotions. Come dwell within me. Hang out with me, Holy Spirit. Help me sort through and toss what’s not priority. Toss everything that is harmful. Show me anything in me I need to get rid of. Help me entrust my dreams and thoughts and plans that are not for today, but maybe for another day, to you for safekeeping. Store them safely for me, would you? And lead me in the way everlasting.

I give you my whole heart and my whole mind, my soul and my strength.

Please renew my mind. Please give me a new heart. Light the path for me to take. I need simple steps. Show me the next right thing and eliminate the clutter that’s crowding out my purpose and my callings.

In Jesus’ Name,


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Lots of love to you!


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