5 Quirky Ways to Eat a Hot Dog


Sometimes you look around and realize that no one else eats it like you do. While you may have heard of some of these dog-styles, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by at least one or two! Bon apetit!

1.) Ecuadorian Style:


When my sister lived in Orlando, her neighbor introduced her to this hot dog wrap. Yall. Soooo good. So memorable. Worth braving something new! Try it!

  • Hot dogs

  • Tortillas

  • Pineapple Jam

  • Cheddar cheese, shredded

Put the dog on the tortilla, spread with jam and sprinkle with cheddar. Roll it up and heat on a griddle or pan on the stove. So. So. So delicioso!

Serve with some black beans and grapes and be happy.

2. ) Texas Frito Pie Dog Pile:


You know me. This one HAD to join in the fun! It’s our lazy version of frito pie without making the chili. Super easy and will stick to your bones, yall.

  • Hot dogs

  • Tater tots or rice

  • Can of No-Beans chili (I look for odd off-brands. They’re usually the best!)

  • Shredded cheddar or jalepeno jack cheese

  • Chopped green or vidalia onion

  • Fritos

Cook your rice (or tater tots). Then cook and dice up the dog. Make a rice bowl (or load up the tater tots) topped with the dogs, the chili then the cheese and onions. Because you’re feeling amazing, sprinkle a generous handful of fritos on the top. If you need something green, cilantro, baby!

Just eat that. You won’t have room in your tummy for anything else. Might want to go for a walk after! : ) Good excuse to get outside!

3. ) Confetti Dogs:


My sister-in-law makes the best polska kielbasa cooked up in cabbage. When my husband travels and I need a slacker’s version, I make this. My kids and I eat the whole thing! We call it confetti because we get the pretty coleslaw with the carrots and the red cabbage. : )

  • 1 package of Hot dogs

  • 2 bags of pre-shredded cabbage, the kind in the salad section ready for making coleslaw. Get the kind with carrots and red cabbage too if you want it to be pretty

  • Butter

  • salt and pepper

  • sesame oil (optional, depends on the flavor you like!)

  • black sesame seeds (optional)

Saute the cabbage in the butter. Slice the dogs length-wise and then cut in half moon slices. Then add to the cabbage to warm up. Add the salt and pepper. If using, add the sesame oil and seeds. Done. So easy and seriously good.

4. ) Pigs in a Blanket:

A down-home classic that’s so good, but easy to forget about. Ha! Here’s to remembering!

  • 2 tubes of refrigerated crescent rolls

  • 1 package of hot dogs

  • Cheddar cheese, optional

Cut the dogs in two. Roll a half a dog and some cheese up in the cresent roll. Bake according to the package directions. Usually about 10 minutes at 350*.

Serve with Le Seur peas and some strawberries or a Caesar salad and watermelon. Mmmmmm. Classico!

5.) Hot Dog Musubi:


Musubi has become a love language for our family thanks to the Blankenships. They made us this Hawaiian treat often. It reminds me of sugar sand beaches, picnics with tons of toddlers, Doritos, and Cuties (clementines). Yep! It’s become our daughter’s most highly requested birthday dinner and usually, Musubi accompanies us on a long road trip. Here’s the hot-dog version.

  • Hot dogs

  • Furtikake

  • Sushi rice

  • Nori wraps

I’m going to just let this Hawaiian video give you the instructions. The video is pretty long and slow, so just relax and pretend you’re on Hawaiian time.

You can pat the rice by hand, which according to gourmet chef Drew, there’s no better option. But if you want to use the press and you become one who craves musubi, here’s a musubi press you can order. Also, I’ve found the Furtikake at the commissary and recently our local Wal-mart! Wooot! But if you don’t have any luck there, here’s the amazon affiliate link below.

If you want an even easier version, just make like a Haylee! Cook and chop up the dog and put it on the rice like a rice bowl. Sprinkle Furtikake on top. Tastes the same, aaaaaaand….. done!


There are a tremendous amount of quirky ways to eat a hot dog! These are our top 5. Tell me, how do you eat your dogs?

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