A Fresh Canvas! New Website!


Happy New Year of New Beginnings! The blanket of snow reminds me that this year is a blank canvas. It's a fresh start, and I can't wait to get some paint on my sleeves!!!

This prophecy was passed on to me and I knew instantly that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about this website. Here's the prophetic word:

November 28, 2017: I saw a man with a large canvas on an easel. He had been working on painting a landscape for quite some time, but there was something not quite right about the picture. It no longer expressed the intention of his soul, and he didn't know how to fix it. There was too much of the painting that did not work for him. So, he began with a new canvas and a new idea of what he wanted to express. He began to paint with renewed freedom and fresh anointing. I could tell that this was going to be a masterpiece. And, the Lord said, "I want you to begin again with a renewed sense of freedom and anointing." Psalm 92:10 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil." -Marsha Burns

Maybe that word is for you too?

2018 is the year of new beginnings. Do you need a do-over?  For me, its this blog. I need a fresh canvas. Yall! I can't wait to give you a sneak peek!

After years of envisioning, my new site splatterjoy.com is finally coming to life!

And I'm just getting started! I'll fill it with poetry and artwork and original songs...maybe even a rap or two. This girl has been known to "spit it." 

(*Also, totally unrelated... Don't throw out all the cards and photos you received at Christmas. I'll be sharing a guest post soon by Ms. Quin Sherrer on how to put those to use in prayer!)

Ok then! Go check out splatterjoy right now! My hope is that my little new beginning will inspire you to enjoy your own blank canvas and fresh start in 2018!