All Glory Be to Christ!

I watch this video over and over and over. I let the words wash over me. As I reflect on where I'm spending my energy and time, I want it to matter. And I don't want to miss the little ones right below my feet in pursuit of other things. I want to steady my steps and make sure I'm walking in step with Him.

I saw this video once years ago on a Christmas countdown thing while flipping through TV, something I almost never do. It stayed in my head for over a year while I tried to remember the name of the song or group. Eventually, I googled "carousel music video" and somehow stumbled upon it again! Thank you Lord!

Can't find this now, so don't quote me, but a year or two ago I remember reading about this being shot on something like $50 worth of carousel tickets. Makes me smile. It's low budget. And that makes the Lord's glory shine that much brighter through this sweet offering of praise by these brothers of mine in Christ. I have never forgotten the joy in the faces of this young man. I have never forgotten the resonance of his voice and his smile. And truly, all glory be to Christ.

We had the great privilege of being a tiny part of a church plant recently. We were only there briefly so maybe we just helped till up some of the soil for the seed to be planted. I hope so at least. But I won't ever forget how Eric opened up the very first service. An accapella version of this song. Only our voices, singing this prayer. "Should nothing of our efforts stand, no legacy survive, unless the Lord does raise the house, in vain the builder's strive. All glory be to Christ, our King. All glory be to Christ. His rule and reign shall never end, all glory be to Christ." What a beautiful, humble place to begin from. The place of realizing this is His work, for His glory.