Are you fruitful or just busy?

Hey Mamas! Today I wonder how much of our weariness is self-induced. How much of it is from spending my time in the wrong places?

Am I the only one shocked/surprised/disappointed its already nearing the end of June? Where did the time go? The Lord's been showing me I'm spending my energy on some endeavors that are not meant for this season. As I thought about paring down, I received these perfectly timed notes from my prayer mentor about how we manage our time.

I hope they help you as you think through how you spend your precious time right now! Sure helped me!

From a TBN broadcast on June 1st by Joyce Meyer about her new book: Over Load.

Any good thing can become a bad thing in excess.

  1. Shrug therapy-oh well things happen. Learn to go with the flow. You only hurt yourself. We need to conserve energy for important things.
  2. Stay in your comfort zone-know ourselves. Examples: Don’t eat late at night, know the amount of sleep you need and manage our lives in our comfort zone. We need to know our limits.
  3. Eliminate everything from your schedule that isn’t bearing good fruit. God never called us to be busy; He called us to be fruitful. Busy is the new buzz word.  Joyce says, I’m not busy, I’m fruitful. We need to prune which is cutting away of useless branches. Prune our lives of useless activities.
  4. Exercise-do what you can do. It releases hormones the make you feel better. Joyce now has more energy and feels better since she has been exercising. She tells everyone get the sleep you need, drink water and don’t eat sweets every day.
  5. Take time to do some things you enjoy. Laugh.

I literally drew a plant and wrote down ALL the things/projects/commitments/big ideas/work outs/errands/chores/time with family... everything that I do or want to spend my time on. And one by one, I asked Him where am I supposed to invest energy and what is sucking up my energy. What does He have for me right now?

I love that God keeps consistent with His metaphors too. He was telling me to prune my time and that's exactly how Miss Joyce Meyer puts it! Ha ha!

Maybe its time for you to take some time to yourself to ask God about the things you are working on. He might very well surprise you!