Chew on this!


Ever noticed how many times God tells His people to “Remember”?  Remember what I've done for you and who I am for you. “Do not forget the Lord your God who rescued you out of Egypt.” Today, we wrap up the Quirky Pantry. We've hit a lot of BIG topics. The Lord has shown me some beautiful things. But if I'm honest, it is real easy for me to hear His voice and then walk away and forget what He said. That makes me nervous. And worse, sometimes I ask Him for guidance and when it's not the answer I want, I keep asking Him for guidance... as if maybe His answer will change.  Caught myself doing that recently! Yikes! : )

I want to be a “doer of the Word and not a hearer only, deceiving myself” like James talks about. I don't want to look intently on the Word and then walk away unchanged or unaffected (James 1:19-27). And if we “overcome by the word of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies” (Revelation 12:11), then by no means do I want to forget!

So as I reflect on the Fruits and Veggies series, I want to really sink my teeth in, if you will.

quirky pantry food pyramid

Lord, what do you want me to remember most from what you've been showing me?

  1.  To “come to me with your ears wide open.” [Isaiah 55:3]
  2. To ask for grace. To never feel guilty about asking for redemption. That price is already paid, so don't waste a chance for His redeeming work. [Blueberry Muffin Grace]
  3.  To remember the sweetness of Christ [Cauliflower]
  4. To eat more fruit. The fruits of the Spirit are consumable and accessible. Get full on them daily. [The Quirky Pantry] and [Fruit Salad]
  5. To ask God daily to fill me up with the power of His Holy Spirit. [Rice and Beans: Part One and Part Two]

How about you? Take a few minutes to reflect. Maybe flip through your journal.

What's the Lord been telling you lately that needs to really stick to your ribs?

If you feel comfortable sharing, I'd sure love to hear about it.

Peace to you, my friends. -Danita Jenae