Hope for the Weary Mom (Chapter 1)


Good morning ladies! We're so glad you are here! Welcome to Chapter 1 discussion of Hope for the Weary Mom this summer!


Here is how we will frame up chapter one! Some questions for you to discuss with a friend, discuss here, or journal about!

Ice Breaker:

If you were having a bad day, what's the best treat someone could give you? What's your love language?

Power Verse:
Have you ever met someone who boasted in their weakness? What was it like to be around someone like that?
We remember the Lord is our Redeemer!
God uses every detail of our mess for his greater glory, and can redeem even our deepest, darkest most daring mistakes until they're more beautiful than we could've ever imagined." (Hope for the Weary Mom, page 23)
I know that if God can redeem the worst in me, he can do it for others too. I could never have made these changes in my life alone. So you see, it's all him. I'm thrilled to tell others what I'm no so they can clearly see what he is." (page 24)
We remember He is also the God who Sees Me:
A picture of the Lord's Redeeming ability (painted in ketchup).
Encourage yourself in the Lord. Build up your faith by remembering a time where you saw Him redeem something lost. Share your redemption story with us if you feel led!
Prayer Prompting:
What part of your life do you need God to redeem right now? It may be in regard to your children, or it might be something else entirely. Just name it and ask the Lord to redeem that time and ask a friend to be in prayer with you about that.
Read Chapter 2. Be awesome.
Bonus (in case you have some more time hiding in the bathroom as you read this!):
Our Redeemer lives! Can't wait to hear your stories of redemption!!!
p.s. Congratulations Talitha on winning the Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional giveaway from Brooke and Stacey, the authors themselves!