Hope for the Weary Mom (Ch 3)


IMG_5698 Good morning ladies! We're so glad you are here!


What's your favorite chore? I really do love to vacuum!

Ok, I know you were biting your tongue but now you can say it... What's your least favorite?!? Can you tell by the photo that mine is dishes & paper piles?! : )

Chapter 3 is so packed full of goodness! Honestly, it could be about 3 different chapters!

Expectations we feel as moms, pressures we have to be amazing. How our hope is in Christ. Friendship and how to reach out to other women. And the purpose and beauty in times of solitude and loneliness.

Favorite Quotes:

I raised my little white flag and said, 'I am not amazing. I am not fine.'...And in the middle of the mess I did not see critical Carol. I saw a loving God who wanted to meet me in the middle of it all. He doesn't need me to be amazing. Turns out he has that covered already" (Hope for the Weary Mom by Thacker & McGlothlin, page 46).

Boom! And one more...

Hope is not a wish or a sprinkle of magical fairy dust. Hope is a person. Hope comes with flesh and blood in Jesus. When I call to him, he comes quickly. He has no expectations of me. Actually, it is quite the opposite...He wants to help me. He wants to comfort me. He wants to lift my heavy burdens and give me sweet soul rest" (page 47).


OK, pages 44-47 rock. There's no other way to describe it. How did this section effect you?

For Reflection & Prayer:

Are you in a season of fellowship or loneliness?

If you are lonely, take a minute to journal about your lot right now in regards to community. Give yourself permission to pour out to him if you feel lonely. Be honest with yourself and with the Lord. He will meet you intimately and beautifully!

If you are in a season of fellowship, thank Him. Do not take it for granted. Take a minute to really pray for those in your circle. Ask the Lord to help you think of a simple way to thank and bless those who are in your life building you up.

Feel free to share below about your community and how they supported you in a time of need. Also tell us how you saw purpose and redemption in times of loneliness. He never wastes a trial!


Lord Jesus, you are my Hope! You are the God of Hope. Fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in you today so that your hope may overflow in me through the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13). Bless those who have been blessing me, I lift them to you by name to you now. And I include in that list Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin. Thank you for their labor to write this book that encourages me so. Thank you for your presence and comfort. In Jesus' Strong Name, Amen.

Take time to rest in Him. Peace be with you!