Hope for the Weary Mom (Chapter 2)

Howdy Mamas! I pray you are feeling refreshed already!

For those of you who mentioned drowning in laundry (or other chores), I'd like to offer you the beautiful way God changed my perspective on that one... The Motherload.

Here's how we will frame out Hope for the Weary Mom, Chapter 2:

What lights you up on the inside? Do you still do that now that you have children?
Relaters serve others by helping them understand themselves better." (34)
A doer... is someone who serves others by working on their behalf, often behind the scenes." (35)
Are you an introvert or extrovert? Relater or doer?
What did this chapter reveal to you about yourself? Did it change how you view your own strengths and weaknesses?
I loved it! It totally called me out on who I am in the best way and gave me freedom to lean in to that. Things I thought of as weakness she actually lists as strengths... I was just being too hard on myself. Loved it! How about you??
Write a "list poem" of sorts about "what you're not and what you've got" a woman or a mom. List poems literally just make a list. Even a grocery list can become poetry! So have fun with this prompt. Doesn't have to be amazing or perfect! (Remember, we are fresh out of amazing!) Just jot it down.
 If interested, here's a quick link about list poetry: http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com/2011/04/write-list-poem.html (this is my thing can you tell?) : ) Have fun with it. It's good to use that other side of your brain sometimes!
Send them to me at danita jenae at hotmail or in the comments below and I will compile them for you guys and share them in a super cool upcoming post!
Have you ever had a community like Brooke describes where you fill in each other's gaps? Do you have that now? Ask God for the community you need and ask Him who you might need to reach out to in this season.  How are you to spend your time right now?
Read Chapter 3 (my favorite yet!) "Confronting Carol."
Smile extra at your husband today.
Prayer Prompt:
Talk to the Lord about how He has made you and what He is calling you to do right now. Ask Him to help you eliminate the things that suck energy and time away from what really matters to Him.

Peace be with you mama!