Hope for the Weary Mom Kick-Off: Hello, My Name is...

My friend Haylee attends a group called Celebrate Recovery. Every week she introduces herself like this, "Hello, my name is Haylee. I'm a grateful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. And I'm struggling with (fill in the blank). And, I'm glad to be here." To which everyone replies, "Hi, Haylee. We're glad you're here!"

That's how they all introduce themselves each week! And that's how we will begin this study.

It makes me giggle to hear someone say, "I'm glad you're here!" It will make you giggle too!

Ladies. I know it's just not the same as being able to hand you a tissue or make you laugh, but ... nonetheless, I am glad, so very glad, you are here!

Today, I want to frame out the summer plans here at the Quirky Kingdom as we read through Hope for the Weary Mom.

For those of you who are not reading through the book, I want to assure you the majority of the posts this summer will still be relevant to you whether you are a mom or a college student or a grandma (or the occasional renegade dad who reads this too!)  So don't feel left out and don't give up on me. Feel free to join in on the conversations at anytime! The main focus this summer is God's redemption, grace and hope. And that applies deeply to us all!

Now, for those of you reading through Hope for the Weary Mom this summer with me, here are my desires:

  1. I want you to feel anchored in the God of Hope more and more each day as the summer goes on!
  2. I want you to be encouraged in your mothering.
  3. I want your voice to be heard.

What to expect each week:

  • to read a chapter a week (chapter one this week!)
  • an ice breaker
  • a focus verse
  • a feature story of God's redemption
  • some great questions for you to journal or discuss with a friend

If you've committed to this study, I need you to engage for 2 main reasons:

  1. Because God's given you giftings, insights, and resources in mothering that another mom needs to hear (and she might live across the country! So that'd be awesome, wouldn't it?!?)
  2. Also because God's put questions, strivings, and struggles in your heart that another mom here can and will be able to speak into (and it might be just the thing someone else needed to hear too!)

The kind of community I want to foster here will only work with your input. Just like a Bible study would be totally awkward if everyone kept to themselves, so will this. : ) If you have committed to read this with us, please come on in and introduce yourself to the group!

I will go first...

"Hello, my name is Danita. I'm a grateful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. And I'm struggling with surrender, insomnia and dirty dishes. And I'm glad to be here."

Tee hee. : )