How a Pajama-Wearing Writer Needs to Dress in Prayer:


A big thing I’m learning from SheSpeaks is this:

A calling to write is a calling to ministry, and a public ministry at that.

-Glynnis Whitwer

I’m not sure why I never really figured that out before…especially for a girl who sees pretty much everything in life as ministry. I guess I had put my writing in isolated categories of academics or artistry. Or maybe writing was solely in a self-care and mental health category. I don’t know. But now that I get it, I have no idea how I could have missed it before. Isn’t that how hindsight usually goes?

Pastor Chris Hodges spoke to us about how a priest dressed for his work back in the days of Exodus. The priestly garments of Exodus 28. And he applied it to how we need to “dress” before we write or speak (or do any other form of ministry). I think I wrote down his message verbatim!

My best job is to introduce you to the Holy Spirit, not to tell you where the line or boundary is."

-Pastor Hodges

I try to bring laughter, but if I can't, I bring food. It's the Cajun in me."

-Pastor Hodges

Speaking of bringing joy, he said the priests wore bells on the bottom of their garments and came, "jingling all the way." I love it. That's our job. To jingle. To bring the joy.

The world is grieving and heavy. We need books permeating our culture with hope and joy."

-Pastor Hodges

Here are my notes, illustration and all. I doubt my illustration is anywhere near historically accurate, it’s just from my imagination so I could remember the points of his message:

Remember the night the lights went out and I found myself writing naked, alone, and in the dark? Well, let's say I learned quickly that the Lord needed me to be dressing differently before writing.

I went back through my notes from Pastor Hodge's message and adapted them into a prayer... Felt like some of you might benefit from this too.

How to dress in those priestly garments before writing:

• Father, protect my mind and thoughts. Set them apart as HOLY TO THE LORD.

• Forgive me and help me completely forgive those who’ve hurt me. I bless her and pray you forgive her; show her great favor; show her you love and cherish her.

• Help me make wise decisions about what I share and how I share it, fully protecting the names and hearts of the people I write to and write about. Help me share messages in a way that bestows dignity and a culture of honor. Put the woman you want me to write to today on my heart.

• Lord, help me rest and trust in the anointing you have given me. And help me to discern what to-do and what not-to-do.

• Lord, I praise you. Wrap me up in a garment of praise. The world is grieving and worried. Please give me hope and joy to give to my readers. Thank you for this call, this pen, this paper, this time, this word, this chance to grow in intimacy with You. Help me make them laugh and find hope in You today.

• Pour out the oil of unity over my whole head. Let me speak with grace, seasoned with salt. Bind us together in love through this message you’ve given me. Help me heed your Spirit if there's anything in my writing that I need to omit or correct. Give me wisdom and strength to do this work today.

Since then, I have started trying to prayerfully get dressed before I write (in my pajamas). I am trying to learn to dress for battle (Ephesians 6), to dress for everyday life (Colossians 3), and to dress for ministry (Exodus 28). (It’s a good thing most of us ladies like clothes! God gives us a huge closet full of choices!) : )

I’ve also been thinking about learning how to make a free printable. (Lots of learning curves for me right now!)

If even one of you would benefit from a Prayer Covering for Writers printable to tape up above your computer, I’ll get on it! Let me know.

Also, I'd love to know how you pray before you get to work? : )

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