I Have Come to the Conviction that God is Kind


I Have Come to the Conviction that God is Kind: by Danita Jenae


How refreshing

to engage in the fire of conversation

with another, equally as fiery,

who entirely disagrees with me!


We, like gold, refined in our heated exchange.


While our friendship remains

you have thoroughly convinced me

that I am right in the matter.

But more importantly,


I have thus concluded

that no law nor moral standard,

no sin nor cultural norm, or un-norm,

no angels nor demons

no height nor depth

nor any argument or debate

no, nothing can ever keep God's love at bay.


And so now, to you, I say,

thank you

for prodding these old flames,

rekindling my affections and memories

of the steadfast love and patience He has shown me.


They've become my revelries.

I have come to the strong conviction that

God is kind.