Long time, no see!


Hey friend! Ok, blogging is so weird. I feel like I just drop in at your front-door, unannounced, and at all hours of the night. Hoping that maybe you're actually awake so we can chit-chat. Good thing we are good enough friends for that craziness.

I have missed you. I've just been burying my head in laundry like an ostrich. This was one tough summer!


But I gotta say, the sun's been shining and we've started singing and laughing again. Thank the Lord!!!

I am sorry I dropped the ball half way through the Hope for the Weary Mom study. I know a few of you were fond of it! I hope you continued on and finished the book anyways. It is a really great book. Someday, I'd like to post the rest of my material for that study. Ironically, this summer, I was just simply too weary.

But for now, I'm gonna go clean slate and start where I'm at now instead of trying to catch up.

So what's to come?

How to love doing laundry! (What? Did I just say that? Who am I?)

And some grounding, peaceable thoughts on the election. I have a little praying/polishing to do before I share them, but until then just wanted to say hi. I am still alive (thank the Lord!!). And I think of you.

lots of love!