Next Series: Speechless

Good morning, friends! My friend Tony has laryngitis. He came to help our buddies move yesterday and could not speak all day long. It was pretty comical to watch a friendly, talkative guy interact with others without being able to rely on his verbal communication skills. He had to find a new way to engage with those around him, to include meeting several new people.

And the thing is, it was still Tony. He just didn't talk. He was still present and engaged. He was still serving those around him, moving boxes and furniture. He was still cracking jokes and making those around him feel loved. Even without the voicebox. He got creative and downloaded an app that put a British man's voice to the words he would type in his phone. And he played up his pantomime skills very well to problem solve, like how to get the mattress to the right place.

Our Savior puts himself under that constraint quite often. He is "quick to listen and slow to speak" (James 1:19). Our God is always finding creative ways to communicate with us, woo our hearts, and wins us over. And even when He doesn't speak, He is very present, servant-hearted and engaged with us.

Not sure exactly what these next couple months are going to look like here at the Quirky Kingdom...

In part because I am expecting our second child any day now!

Also, as I've prayed about what series will come next, I felt like the Lord wanted me to move in to imagery, not written communication.  Like painting and drawing and photography.

I honestly think He's trying to show me something. That I need to trust His Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of my readers and not depend so much on my own words, explanations and "persuasion of man."

So... if I heard right, that's what we'll do. I will refrain from writing for a while. The good thing is that it will stretch me (a LOT) to trust God. And it will push me to pray even more for you as you visit this blog.

My hope all along for Quirky Kingdom is that you begin to see more and more how God speaks to you in your everyday life. His still quiet whispers. The lessons and beauty He wants to share with you, His Beloved.

So ask Him what He's wanting to tell you through these upcoming images. Let it be a way of practicing the discipline of listening to Him speak to you as you look around your home and workplace and people around you.

"Lord, what are you saying to me right now? Who is it you are wanting to be for me right now?"

I do love to hear from you, so if you'd like to share, please leave a comment. (I'm allowed to respond to those with words! I won't be drawing you a stick figure reply!) I have a feeling that His message to each of us will vary widely as He has freedom to move! And it'd be my joy to hear what He's saying to you.

Click here for today's image: Self-Portrait.

Lots of love!

-Matilda Jane