Open Wide!

quirky baby mama bird

The tops of radishes peek above the earth. The sun bids the day lilies higher. A new robin toddles on the steps outside our front door.  He squawks for mama. He tries to spread his wings but they seem stuck. We pray for him to fly to his parents, and then... he hops down the steps instead.

My daughter and I quietly step outside to get a closer look at his peach fuzz, toddling in the mulch by the lilies now. The robin's parents discuss in anxious chorus how to feed their young with me and my daughter so near.

The mother sounds panicked. She tries to tell her husband we are much too near her baby, but her mouth is so full from the dangling worm, she sounds a little like Julia Childs. The poor dear. I am certain I would be freaking out too.

The father says, "Just feed him; he's getting hangry! The humans aren't gonna hurt him."

I smile. He might be a little hangry himself.

"Baby, let's back up slowly and let the mama feed her baby. I think she might be afraid we are so close."

Sadly, we lost our view of the robin family breakfast once we retreated to the house.

I can relate to that mama. I know my daughter is hungry for God's Word. She asks for more. But how do I get it to her?

I sometimes try to go foraging for a scripture for us to memorize and talk about it, but lately, it doesn't seem to be the thing she needs. Feels too forced, I suppose.

celia baby mama bird

Two days later, we sat at our kitchen table eating breakfast. The mama, daddy and baby are all hopping about in the mulch. We think they are teaching Wee One how to look for worms.

Distracted toddler bird flies up on top of the white fence in the yard. Wee One can fly now! Mama goes up to meet him where he is at. With a perfect view, we see the baby's side profile as he opens wide.  Wiiiiiide.

We see the mama's breakfast dangle from both sides of her beak. She chews it up and spits it out for her Wee One.

Wow! We can see everything!

As I watch the mama break down her nourishment and spit it out, I think of God's Word.

"See," He whispers to me. "Just give your baby what I give you, in a simpler form that she can process and chew on."

Give your baby what I give you.


So I started with just that. We sat down and drew pictures together of mama bird feeding baby bird. Then I read her the following verse that Talitha shared with me.

love, Danita Jenae 2016

"For it was I, the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt.

Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it with good things." Psalm 81:10

open wide your mouth and I will fill it with good things