Parable of the Dusty Clothes Buckets


The Parable of the Dusty Clothes Buckets

There was a woman who used to bleed for a full month followed by months of no period at all. Her weight swung as unstable as her hormones.

In her closet, she kept buckets of clothes, sizes 2 to 12. She fit them all as her weight fluctuated up or down, with no warning and no explanation.

Those buckets held more than clothes; they held a lot of fear, frustration, and doubt.

The woman read in God’s word about people being healed. Her faith stirred. She began to believe, pray, and fast for her healing.

One day, a man came to her. He laid hands on her and prayed, and she was healed.

She was healed!

Her periods became regular and her weight stabilized from that day on.

Eight years later, the dusty buckets still remained in her closet.

The woman had enough faith to accept her healing, but not enough faith to let the buckets of clothes go.

Can you relate to this woman? Many believers are like this.  We have faith that the Lord can save us in our situation. And then, He comes and He does!

But then what?

Do we believe Him enough to let go of the thing that used to be our security net?  Clearly, the woman did not need the clothes anymore.

Thankfully, He remains faithful to us even when we run dry.

I think that’s why I am so fond of Peter—the faith to jump out on to water towards Jesus, in a windstorm no less! Yet within minutes, a little bit of fear causes Peter a whole lot of sinking.

“Oh you of little faith—why did you doubt?”

Want to know the end of the tale? The woman did let the buckets of old clothes go. With repentance in her heart, she gave them away. And though her physical weight did not change, she did lose a lot of emotional weight that day. The weight of fear, shame and distrust. Giving away her old clothes was the finishing act of faith.

Time to search your closet:

  • Where is that place in your life where you started to step out in faith and yet fear threatens to knock you down?

(Your marriage?  A new workout regimen? Home-schooling? A ministry? Making new friends?)

  • What old buckets are you still holding on to that hold you back from walking out in full faith right now?

(Fear of failing? Jealousy? Fear of what others think? Unforgiveness? An addiction? An old identity? A walking stick? The doubt that you can even make a difference?)


Father, that’s me right now. I have some faith here, but it doesn't feel like much. I know you to be good and to be good for me. I have heard that you are the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Will you let me experience you in this new way? I offer the little I have and ask you to multiply it and finish it. Please help me let go, once and for all. I trust in you.

Love, your girl

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