Parable of the Mom and the Bloody Pants

quirky robe dipped in blood rev 19

The kingdom of heaven is like a mom who came to meet her daughter for lunch at the high school. The mom left to order food while her daughter found a table.

The daughter looked for a seat in the crowded cafeteria, completely unaware that her period had started early. To make matters worse, her jeans were white. And worse still, her bully noticed the embarrassing situation while she remained unaware.

The bully sauntered up to the daughter and jeered and made cruel jokes. Panicked, the daughter turned to find a path out. Then the bully did the unthinkable. She took the bottle of barbecue sauce on her tray and squirted it on the back of the daughter’s pants and down her legs.

The mother paid for their meal and turned to find her daughter— humiliated and in tears, rushing to the ladies room. She followed after and held her. They cried together.

After the daughter calmed down, the mom offered to trade pants with her daughter.

The daughter had a speech to give in the next class and had three more classes until the end of the school day. The daughter felt horrible sending her mom out in bloody pants but reasoned that she just had to get to the car in the parking lot and could drive home the rest of the way unseen. So she humbly accepted her mom’s offer.

She used to be embarrassed that she and her mom wore the same size, but today she was deeply relieved.

The daughter made it through the day.

She found herself more thankful for her mom than bitter about that bully.

What the mother never told her daughter was that she’d actually walked the busy three-mile road to meet her that day. And she never mentioned the crude comments of the men working outside that day or the pointing and the honking of people passing by.

When she made it home, she and her husband talked about the terrible beauty of that day. They marveled at this strange joy hidden in the mom’s heart as she walked three miles in her daughter’s bloody, stained pants. She felt deeply thankful she could rescue her daughter and carry that cross so her daughter would not have to.

Some bright morning, we will see and know that Christ has done much greater for us. Click here to read Revelation 19, and find out for yourself.

  • How does He dress His Bride?
  • Contrast it with what He wears.

My Lord and My King,

Please reveal more of your sacrifice to my heart. I want to love you more. Teach my heart how to respond to such terrible beauty. I love you, my King.

love, your Beloved