Planning your 333: Reflect + How to Cheat

Last step... Reflect: During my trial week (which has slipped into a trial month!), we had a few cold snaps. I realized my first shot at it was not nearly going to keep me warm enough. I swapped out some black slacks for some grey fleece-lined pants. And Erika gave me her stretchy jeggings I love, so now you can go to sleep and night and not worry about my plumber's bum. : )

I realized that I needed to let go of the baby-doll shirt that was black and floral. I really liked it, but after about 15 minutes I always wanted to take it off. Just too tight around the waist. So I knew I would never really wear it even though its so darn cute for those 15 minutes.

Bye bye black.


Letting it go also helped me conclude that I just really don't wear anything black right now. So I swapped out the black pieces in my 33 that I knew were only in there because they coordinated with that 15 minute shirt I liked. : )

How I'm cheating this time...

I used to follow 33 strictly, down to including my necklace, shoes, hat, scarves, headbands, gloves, purse and all. But this time around, I'm only including clothing.

My 33 goal is on the left column and my 1st round attempt is on the right. I ended up with 33 clothing items and 45 items total.


The [boxed] items in the right column above show items I am not counting toward my 33. I'm still keeping them to a minimum with warm accessories and shoes. Normally I would keep whittling down, but I don't feel the need to be strict this time around. I feel like I have learned some darn good things from the experience and have already applied them to my thinking and shopping. And honestly, I have spent so much time on this already, I'm ready to just start enjoying my slimmer closet and call it good.

However, I must say that I enjoyed the constraints of following a true 33 for the first few 33 capsules I did. It really taught me to lean on God to provide and helped me come to terms with my stuff, my style, and where I find my security. So if you have never done it before, I would highly recommend a "true 33".

That said, I thought a lot about my favorite pieces I included in 33's past and realized that the, say, 25 articles of clothing I pared down to are wearing out faster than I would like.

Plus, I have no idea what to expect of winter or how my body will acclimate from Florida so I'm giving myself some freedom to have two sets of hats and gloves according to freezing days or tundra days.

Time to model!

Here are some outfits that I am happy wearing, thanks to doing 33. Otherwise, you would see me back in those gaping jeans with an ill-fitting long sleeve shirt.

We'll call this the beatnik cowgirl. Ha ha! I do like it though. : )


This one with all the plum and teal and mustard! Makes me wanna go paint something!!!


Brrrrr! Apparently the cold makes my eyes cross. : )


Lets pretend the speckles are pixie dust and not toothpaste splatter. And don't you think my complexion is rather... radiant. Ha ha!

IMG_3080 IMG_3079

I just dress better when there's less in that big ole' closet. You probably will too!

That's all for now folks.

Would love to hear how yours is going or if you are thinking of trying out 333!