Prep Day: Fruit Salad

How do you choose what fruit to throw in to a fruit salad? Some people get what's in season or on sale. Others are like me. We sometimes get in a rut of apples, bananas, and oranges. I have a theory as to why... they are easy fruit. You can pull an apple off a tree and just eat it. You can pull blueberries off a bush or strawberries off the ground or grapes off a vine and just pop them in your mouth. Peel a banana and you are in business. Easy.

Other fruits, the kind we buy less frequently, require more prepping and chopping. Like a pineapple or a mango. This takes times. But, oh, they are so good! Cracking open these fruits are not exactly intuitive. And honestly, can be found quite intimidating. Just look at the porcupine-like exterior of a pineapple. It's not exactly begging to be held and bit into. Usually, we need some guidance on how to crack open these morsels. Like how I had to YouTube how to open a pomegranate.

I have a feeling that this is true with the fruits of the Spirit. Some may feel familiar and may come easy. Some of them, or maybe just deeper aspects of them, are taught and learned. And possibly, these seem intimidating to us too.

It takes time to listen and to seek out, but I assure you, the fruit is better than the jewels of a pomegranate or the flesh of a cold pineapple. It's worth every bit of time invested.

Want fed more variety in your diet? Want something more challenging to crack open and enjoy?

Then seek out sermons by Graham Cook, Dutch Sheets, or Bob Hamp. Check out books by Beth Moore or Quin Sherrer. I've never met most of these people, but they've helped raise me in my spirit. They speak deep truths and have grace at their foundation. If you take the time, you'll feel like a puppy who cocks her head to the side curiously. You'll think, Wow! No one has ever taught it to me like that. You may feel like the people who listened as Jesus taught. The people were “astonished and amazed” at His teaching.  Fruits of the Spirit are truly nourishing and refreshing!

Find people who speak deep truths. Seek out friends and mentors who are truth-sayers. Spend time in listening prayer. Meditate on the Word. Digest it. And simply... ask. Ask the Father who freely gives good things to His children. Here's a banana or some cherries or a clementine to sink your teeth in. He also knows how to crack open the pomegranate and the coconut for you to enjoy.

So ...Eat more fruit!

All this to say, I have to be honest. Sometimes I'm just not hungry for fruit. I want something even easier and processed and in a crackly cellophane package. Like a granola bar or cookie. And I know these don't satisfy and nourish like fruit. But sometimes, simply, I'm just tired or maybe lazy. Hate to say it but maybe ...“lukewarm”?

It's good to take inventory of what we are craving and consuming. When I notice that I'm not feeling hungry for the fruits of the Spirit, I try to stop and ask the Lord what I've been eating instead that's been spoiling my appetite.

That's often the best place to start. With the cravings. If that's where you are at today, simply ask Him to increase your hunger and thirst for righteousness. Ask Him to increase your desire for prayer and His Word. He loves to answer those prayers.

Inventory helps us see where our diet is lacking and shows us what we need to do to live healthier. If you feel safe enough with a friend or mentor or spouse, straight up ask them some of these questions too.


Diet Inventory:

  • What have you been craving lately? What have you been fixed on in your thoughts and prayers? Take an assessment of the things you have been asking for. Are they things eternal?


  • What have you been consuming lately? We can consume peace, trust and joy as easily as we can consume fear, negativity, and doubt. So be honest with yourself. What are you chewing on these days?


  • Think also about the things you have been saying out loud to others lately. That's a great indicator of what's going on in your heart and thoughts. Are you doing a lot of complaining or fretting or fearing? Are you speaking out encouragement, praises and thanksgivings?



Father, would you reset my taste buds this week? Would you set my heart again on You and the things of heaven, not on the things below (Colossians 3). Set my heart on things eternal, not superficial. I'm sorry for dwelling on these negative thoughts and fears lately: __________. I need your help. I release them to you. When I am afraid, I choose to trust in you (Psalm 56:3).

Fill my cup with Living Water. Satisfy me in the morning with news of your unfailing love (Isaiah 54). Tune my heart and mind to dwell on whatever is good, true, pure, lovely, excellent, worthy of praise (Philippians 4). Feed me the fruit of Your Spirit today (Galatians 5).

Thank you for the banquet you set before me. The good food you have prepared for me to enjoy today. And thank you Lord that fruit tastes sweet.

In the authority and fullness of Jesus, we pray. Amen.



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