Quirky Beginnings...and where to from here?


Hey friends and family!You have been faithful Quirky Readers! And I thank you for supporting me! It means the world!

Three years ago this Thanksgiving, after a life-giving meal with friends (and some killer Brussel sprouts!), the Quirky Kingdom went from a dream to a real deal. And it’s got me remembering all the Lord has done.

The Quirky Kingdom began with a nudge in my spirit to pledge for an advertising block to raise funds for a LeadHer Conference. I was confused because I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to even advertise for!  So I asked Him.

It was clear as day, “Your blog.” 

To which I respond, “What blog?!?” 

My hands shook as I wrote the check for the advertisement.  I remember lifting the check up in the air, still shaking. They cheered when the new pledge was offered…

“Yay! What’s it for?”

“My blog.”

“Danita, you have a blog?!”

“Not yet!”

“What’s it called?”

“I don’t know!”

They shared in that moment of excitement and trepidation when the Lord asked me to step out and do something I had never done before. Remember that?! I love that I wasn’t by myself… that I had a great cloud of witnesses to share with. Thank you Lord for LeadHer ladies!

After a lot of prayer and seeking the Lord, the Quirky Kingdom was born. It was to be a site of parables. In fact, the Lord asked me write out every parable in the New Testament by hand before I ever wrote one of my own. I remember sitting at the table my husband built me, pen in hand and the Word before me. Pages and pages of parables. I began to see Jesus in a way I hadn’t quite known before… as a Master of Story Telling. A Master Writer.

The logo came to me while in the shower, and the first doodle sketch was in the steam on the glass shower door. It’s a picture of a house on one side with a castle upside down in the reflection. It demonstrates that even though we see through a lens of the everyday and the ordinary, as His children, we also have a gift to see the hidden reflections and parables beneath the surface. The Kingdom of God here on earth! The Lord’s whisperings and teachings and love notes in everything we see!

Then the Lord provided my friend Tony who helped me set up the site, host it, and do all those other technological wordpressy things (that I have NO idea what they mean or why they exist). He was so full of joy to help me see this dream come to pass and helped me go from the idea of a blog to the actual online thing. Hard to believe that was three years ago this week! Thank you Lord for Tony and Haylee and Erika and Drew.

Then the Lord brought women of discernment and prayer who have covered me in my writing. Thank you Lord for my prayer warriors!

The Lord gave me supportive parents who have always invested so much into my writing. And He gave me my brother and sister-in-love who helped me troubleshoot web stuff and dream and my sister who cheers me on. And He gave me a Sweetheart who encourages me to write and puts the girls to bed when I need to go hide away to journal. And who is gracious when the house falls apart because I wrote all day instead. And girls who happily watch Mary Poppins or Wonder Pets while I write. Thank you Lord for my family!

And somewhere along the way, the Lord sent me you. I have the great privilege of knowing almost every single one of my readers by name and face. You are a dear group of friends and family of all generations. And you’ve been gracious to me. I’m so thankful you have leant me your ear! Thank you! Thank you!

I think of you as I write. Sometimes I think of you in particular. Each post, a different name or face comes to mind so pretend that you are my only audience, and I pray for you. It’s a real honor to participate in this way. Writers of old had no feedback for years and many of the best ones died before anyone really engaged with their work. For each comment or text you have sent me or phone call to encourage me along, I truly am so grateful!

This has stretched me, blessed me, and grown me. You’re so kind to come along!

And as I reminisce today, I feel stirrings to focus on refining the scattered and wrinkled drafts of children’s books, poetry chapbooks, a middle-grade reader, a book for moms…and on and on. : ) I also have some ideas for new blogs I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. One’s a crafty/homemade blog inspired by my inspiring family. One’s a blog of prophetic artwork, praise poetry and original songs. An online sanctuary of sorts.

We'll keep the Quirky Kingdom going for now. But it might be a launch pad for something new soon enough. And I hope you'll come along with me when and if that time comes.

Writing this today was good for me. It helps me to remember that I did not build this in vain (as the constant noise that swirls around me would like me to believe). It reminds me that this was the Lord’s idea. That He brought it to life. That He showed me parables to share with you. And that He provided all the people and resources I needed to do so. I am so grateful!

And it reminds me that as I step out in new ways in the future that He will continue to provide.

While I don’t know how this season of transition in writing will play out yet, I’m thankful I have a strong core of people who love me, who also read this.

As I feel the nudge to move forward, it seems a perfect time to look back and reflect. And I invite you to join me in that. So I have some brave questions to ask you, if you don’t mind. Here goes…

  • Is there anything you have read here at the Quirky Kingdom that is still memorable to you?
  • Do you feel like you have grown in the Lord or been encouraged in any way by being here?
  • Are there any themes or topics we’ve covered that resonate with you?

Essentially, I would love to know if any of this has made a difference. That’s gutsy because it is possible that the answer will be only the sound of crickets or that the answer will be a no. But even if that’s the case, I know my main job was to be obedient. So I did my best. But I ask for your feedback because I think it will help me grow as a writer. I also think it will help me fine tune my vision of where I hope to take you from here.

I have so much that is wonderful to share with you, ah, but I refrain for now. Instead, I think it’d be wise to spend some time reflecting before plowing ahead. So in the next month or so, I plan to repost some of my favorite old posts. I know you may not have any answers to my feedback questions off the top of your head, but if something comes to mind in the weeks ahead, please let me know.

I do love you so! And I love hearing from you. Thanks for lending me your pretty ears!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Danita Jenae


“Should nothing of our efforts stand,

No legacy survive,

Unless the Lord does raise the house

In vain the builder’s strive.

All glory be to Christ our King.

All glory be to Christ.

His rule and reign shall never end.

All glory be to Christ!”