Welcome to my Quirky Closet

quirky kingdom closet- blue jeans cropped

My closet doesn't exactly have pearly gates or gold dust on the floor. More like shag carpet and a hollow door.

Yet, by total surprise, the Lord kept meeting me there. Showing me the ways of His kingdom.

Who would have guessed He would have so much to say about my worn out pile of clothes?

Whenever I cracked open the Word, even there I noticed that God talks an awful lot about clothes. Almost as much as most of us women.

I kept reading phrases like, "garments of praise," "robes of righteousness," taking off the "old clothes and putting on the new."

Like loads of laundry, teachings about clothing kept coming back to me. Over. And. Over. Again. (Unlike loads of laundry, I liked it!)

You might think my closet is pretty average, but hidden in these walls are some odd treasures.

A hot pink miniskirt from 1996, my mom's old pearl snap shirt from the 70's, and a vintage dress from 1947. I've also got some new treasures. A long flowy cotton skirt, trendy knit leggings, and the glass bead necklace that pulls it all together for me.

Likewise, God's Word is full of treasures, both new and old. And His voice still reveals new treasures to us daily.

Let's start in the closet, that funny place he chose for us to meet him in prayer.  Let's seek out the treasure of His words the way we would search through loads of laundry for our favorite pair of blue jeans.

Surprisingly, your closet has a lot to teach you about the kingdom of heaven.

Next Saturday morning, I invite you to come on back to my Quirky Closet. Bring a hot cup of something good, a curious heart, and join me as we start our search.