SheSpeaks 2017: An Airport Poem(ish)


Heading home from SheSpeaks…

Sunday Morning, Charlotte Airport, Gate A13

I sit. I am slain. I lay flat right here. I’m melting. Holy Fire so near. Can I bear it? Strengthen me. Help me breathe. My frail body Knows you. You, so Holy.

And I am wholly Yours.

I scribble that down and then I get a call from a precious woman I just met one hour prior. (I think I’ve known her forever).

Earlier that morning, the Lord sent mischievous angels to hide her wedding bands under her hotel towels and to hide two books from me in a hotel I didn't even stay in. She went back to her room to find them. I stayed up late to pack as the Spirit whispered, Be ready to Move. I knew He was up to something. No sleeping in for me. I walked down the hill with all my luggage in tow to the hotel to look for the books. I still needed a ride to the airport and was a bit stressed by that. A woman kindly offered to share her Uber ride with me.

Provision! But the Holy Spirit said kindly, no.

I had only an hour til I needed to go.

I trust you Lord. I need to get home.

But He said, Tell her you need to look for those books, and let's get you some breakfast.

She found her wedding rings, and I found her! Our searching, that holy delay, caused our paths to meet over coffee.

In one sentence, we discovered again that the world is small and that God is very very big …and He is very very good.

She ended up taking me to the airport! That gave us even longer to chat. (We have a lifetime to catch up on!) We drove up to United. And somehow the name of that airline was much more than an airline brand. It was also a symbol of what God has been up to. Uniting His Bride to Himself. Uniting His people together. I like that there's a fan in the bottom corner of that "united" image above. Fanning into the flame. Cool breeze and the heat of His presence.

Waiting at the gate, I jotted down that poem, sweating and sleepy from the Spirit who was walking with her and me. As I finished that poem, she called to me the root for “I am His and He is mine” actually means “you can’t be His until He is yours."

She had no idea I just wrote down those words:

I am wholly yours.

I am right where you want me to be.

SheSpeaks 2017.

A deep deep thank you to all who prayed over me and my family.

I am certain the ripple effects of your prayers will wash ashore in eternity.

Do you have a story of 'holy delay'? When you thought you were late and realized you were right where God wanted you to be? If so, I'd sure love love love to hear it!

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