Starting a Fall Project 333

Hey friends! Brrrrr. Trees turn yellow, geese fly south, and I cry and want to go with them. And... my feet are cold. It's official. Autumn is here. And my Florida postpartum wardrobe is NOT going to cut it here.

I sooo miss having you here, hanging out in my closet, walking the aisles of TJ Maxx together. So, let's pretend.

Erika, you asked about how I do a 333 capsule wardrobe for a cold climate, so I thought I would sketch out a rough how-to. Truth is, I don't really know yet! But that's why we tinker and reflect and swap stuff out later if we didn't plan it right the first go. Maybe this will help others too. And Jodi and Lindsay, this is for yall too. Hope you consider giving it a go. It's freeing! And Haylee... thanks for the inspiration to do it in the first place!

If you are reading and have NO CLUE what I am talking about, skim this first. It's a description of Project 333 (a fun, challenging way to rethink your wardrobe) and it's also some of the life lessons that doing the project taught me. It turned in to a cool parable of the kingdom of God right here in my laundry!

And here is Project 333's website. It's awesome.

But today, just the nitty gritty.  I will try to break it down into baby steps because this seems overwhelming for some people. I hope this encourages you give it a shot. Even if you never 33 and just do the first three steps, you will drastically improve your closet (and your attitude when you dress in the morning)! It's so wonderful that I do this for my kids too! Same steps.

Step One:  Gather

Take out all your dusty buckets of clothes and piles on the floor and gather those scattered in the house.  Even coats, jackets, shoes, mittens, etc. It will be a mess. It's okay. Think of it as digging for gold. Maybe you'll unearth some jeans that actually fit or a sweater you forgot about.

Step Two: Sort

Set aside the stuff you know you won't need for the next 3 months. If you don't even want to look at it or try it on, put it aside. If it's too small or too big, put it aside. If it is not seasonally appropriate, put it aside.  I do this in piles: keep, give, stash.

Makes some no-brainer give-away piles and others piles you may just want to store away for another season. You can sort that out later.

Step Three: Whittle

Try on everything you own that you might consider wearing for the next season. Do this on a day when you:

         1.) have a free afternoon

         2.) are in a good mood

         3.) have taken a good shower!

Ask yourself the basic questions. Does it fit? Do I feel pretty in this? Am I comfortable in this? Do I feel my age in this?

I have my kids do the same "try it on" routine that I do ( sections ...over the span of a week or two ...or three. : ) They wouldn't try all of their fall clothes from last year on in one sitting. That would be asking too much!

Set aside what doesn't work for you right now. Body weights and shapes change so much so it may fit again later or it may not. Give away or pack these away for another day.

Let me model for you...

This is what we call "a sad day" around here:

This is what we call a "sad day"

This is also what we call "a sad day":

This is also what we call "a sad day"

Still too snug. But least I can button these:


I didn't say I could button them AND sit down though! Lol!

But this one pair will have to do for now til I can sort out my 33 to know what else I am lacking and then get to the store. Apparently I neeeeeeed to get some new jeans I CAN SQUAT IN (sans plumber's booty).

The cool thing about 333 is it helps you to stop shopping when you've been over-shopping and it gives you permission to go get the clothes you lack when you need encouragement to do so.

I wish I had a picture of my mess before so I could show you. I like to show other people my mess so they feel better about theirs. : ) There were only "stepping stones" of carpet. But at least here's a little mess of what my piles looked like after I went through them.


Then I hung the "it fits" nicely in the closet.


Contented sigh. It already looks better and now I at least know that everything on the rack fits. All my tops, sweaters, skirts and jeans... Or lack there of!

Some of you are going to have way more than I do in your closet at this stage of the game. That's ok. You can still do and love 33! Just give it a try! You can always turn back (but I doubt you will want to!)


You will feel relieved to know that every item in your closet fits you now. Woot!

Gonna stop there for now. Baby steps, and that's plenty to get us started. I will write more on the selection process next and show you what I actually wind up with in my 33 for this cold fall ahead.  Til then, cheers! And have fun doing laundry and trying on clothes!!! I will be doing the same!


Next up: