Tapping Into The Incredible Joy of Your Neighborhood Grandma

Today, we have the honor of hearing from one of the women in my life who is older, wiser, and incredibly spunky. Her name is Quin Sherrer, and my life would not be the same without her. I love her joy for life! Enjoy this read! Take it to heart and it will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Guest Post by Quin Sherrer


“God, now that I’m old and gray, don’t walk away.

Give me grace to demonstrate to the next generation all your mighty miracles and your excitement to show them your magnificent power!”

-Psalm 71:18 (The Passion Translation)

Dear Younger Generation,

Guest Post by Quin Sherrer

Our pastor’s daughter once asked me to be her adopted grandmother at school on Grandparents Day. At the time I was not a grandmother yet. I was thrilled to be a grandma just for a day!

On Twitter, author Dutch Sheets recently wrote:

“Our elders have a wealth of wisdom & knowledge. They have lived long, fruitful lives and have a multitude of life experiences, which can help generations coming after them.

Tap into this wealth; seek them out and take time to listen.”

In our busy, hurry-hurry lives, we can easily miss great opportunities like these for the generations to mingle. Seniors are often the most neglected in our churches. Widows and widowers are especially lonely after they lose a spouse. We need the younger ones to encourage us and let us know that we still have something worthwhile to contribute to society. The talents, gifts and experience of the elderly don’t need to be shelved.

When was the last time you visited with an elderly person? Maybe a neighbor or a woman sitting in back of the church?


She may have something to teach you.

Want to learn to bake bread? Sew up a dress? Paint a beach scene? Memorize scripture? Why not ask her to teach you how?

When was the last time you took your little girl to meet an older woman and the dear aging lady got the thrill of hearing your Ava chatter away? She smiles remembering her own daughter laughing as she drank imaginary tea from a doll size set of china. Have you sat with your older friend and let her share about her life way back when? She’d love to talk to a listening audience—you.

When was the last time you visited a widow and asked if you could do something for her? Does she need a box lifted from her closet shelf? Or want to go with you on a picnic to a park? Or maybe even enjoy a meal at your house with your family on Friday night? Be a substitute grandmother? Why not?

What was it now that you have been wanting to learn?

Somewhere out there is a qualified and happy-to-teach-you senior citizen. It’s up to you.

Just ask us.

-Quin Sherrer

Here are two books written by Ms. Quin that help both generations understand how to reach and teach each other. My favorite gift to give a new mom is “A Mother’s Guide to Praying for Your Children,” some bath salts, a candle, and some amazing tea. Who can you spoil today? Snag a copy to honor and encourage someone in your life who is special, older, and wiser for Mother’s Day…

Hope for a Widow's Heart
By Quin Sherrer
Grandma, I Need Your Prayers
By Quin M. Sherrer, Ruthanne Garlock

A Quirky Challenge:

As Mother’s Day is coming up, think of at least one widow or older woman you know. A neighbor? A woman from church?

Ask the Lord how you might bless and honor her this year.

Include her when you make or buy your Mother’s Day cards this week. Maybe even include her in your dinner plans or your stroll through the park! It just may be your favorite Mother’s Day yet.

This is a practical way to begin a relationship. Tap into the incredible joy of the elderly woman in your life. You will never regret it.

(And you KNOW I’d love to hear all about it!)

I can tell you that the women in my life who are like “adopted grandmas” only add more incredible joy to my life, my children’s lives, and the lives of these dear women themselves.

Bridge the generational gap, make a new family friend with an older woman, and you will find an overflow of joy for your weary season. I PROMISE.