The 1st Quirky Giveaway Ever! "Hope for the Weary Mom"


Are you joining us to read Hope for the Weary Mom this summer?

We'll have military wives, pastor's wives, expecting moms, adopting moms, and hopefully everyone in between. Hooray!


Do you know an awesome mom who could use an extra boost of Hope?  

Tell the world why you love her and what you admire about her in a comment below!

Your words of affirmation for your friend will make both you and your friend eligible to receive a copy of Hope for the Weary Mom as my gift to yall.

***Double Bonus! When she reads your note, it will totally make her day!*** : )

Let's brainstorm who you want to encourage... Maybe you can meet with a friend, sister, or neighbor at Chick-a-Play? Maybe its the lady you just met at Chick-a-Play? Maybe its your pal or your sister who lives across the country but is only a phone call away? Or a group of women from your Mops, BSF, or school have been on your heart?

So tell me something good! Tell us about your sweet friend (or the whole group!) and bless her with your encouraging words below. Don't forget to subscribe to The Quirky Kingdom so I can keep you in the loop. Woot!

I will announce winners on May 25th!

Feeling "fresh out of amazing" as a mom? You are NOT alone! Here's your Quirky Invitation to joining us as we read and receive Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess!

Also, don't forget to subscribe to The Quirky Kingdom so we can keep you posted!

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