The Backlash Prayer

I don't know. Step on a snake's head and it seems the natural consequence is he might snap back at you. But we have to remember Who has the victory. And you may be surprised to know that you don't have to just sit there and take the hit. Lift up your shield of faith and pray that the Lord cancels those assignments against you. Mrs. Jane sent me this powerful prayer that she found in the book by Jim W. Goll:Kneeling on the Promises: Birthing God's Purposes through Prophetic Intercession.

The Backlash Prayer:

In the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood shed on the cross, I command the penalty of the enemy, any word curse that has been pronounced against me and my family, and any backlash of the evil one send against me and my family, to be broken. It shall not prosper as I nullify its effect in Jesus’ Mighty Name. I proclaim a blessing to all that I am, hope to be and put my hand to, and to all that pertains to my life, health, home, finances, ministry, and family. I call forth strength, vigor, protection, and the supply of the Lord, for the honor and glory of His Name. Amen.

Your prayers are powerful! They are working! God is listening!

Maybe that's why we feel bullied sometimes. Do you ever feel like maybe the enemy is trying to intimidate you into a hush, a silence? This could look like fear, sickness, worry, doubt, or any number of tactics...anything to see if maybe you'll decide its not worth it to fight in prayer.  

This backlash prayer has brought me great comfort. I have printed it and keep it taped to the wall in my closet. I also want a copy in my purse or car.

I try to remember to put my armor on from Ephesians 6 before I start interceding and then to pray this backlash prayer after. It feels like bookends in a way. Like a picture of the Lord going before me in battle and being my Rearguard, all at the same time.

Peace be with you, mighty warrior.