The Election: How to Pray/ How to be Hopeful


Today is November 8th! Election Day! A new beginning. And guess what? I am hopeful! You think I am crazy don't you? But think about it... This may be the first year we aren't tempted to trust or hope in a person to save this country. And praise God!

This may be the first year in a long time that believers across the country are gathering to pray... we were supposed to be praying for our leaders all along, but we now recognize it, have repented and are praying. And praise God!


So tonight, I will not be spending my evening on the television or internet, watching the polls. I will be on my knees and praying these things. I invite you to join me.

Here are some simple ways to guide your prayers.

  • God, we thank you. Thank you for this country, our provisions like ____ and our freedoms like ____. Thank you for saving us and setting us apart, that we belong to Your Kingdom. Thank you that you are in control, you are in authority, the nations are just a drop in the bucket to you, the whole earth belongs to you. Thank you that not only are you in authority but you use that to serve us, protect us, care for us who are under your authority. Thank you for Who You Are. For your beautiful love, unfailing mercy, kindness, and goodness and truth.
  • Father, forgive us. Forgive our country. Forgive us for turning to fear instead of You. Forgive us for letting our hearts harden as we hear the news. Forgive lawlessness, judgement, apathy, hardheartedness, hatred. Forgive us for violence, rape, sexual slavery. Forgive us for innocent bloodshed. Forgive us for putting our trust in anything but you. Forgive us as believers for growing angry or condemning these things instead of grieving them, mourning for them, and praying more for our nation. Forgive us for _____. Please forgive our land.
  • Lord, we cast down our idols. We turn from our idols of security, comfort, cell phones/internet and desire for knowledge, idols of power and control, idols of self-importance, entitlements, self-made gods. Forgive us for ______. Please forgive us and give us clean hands.
  • Lord, save us. Save us from ourselves, and protect us from the evil one. We pray for the people around us, the people we love who do no yet love you. Save them from the evil one and rescue them. May they fall in love with you Jesus. I lift them to you by name, ____, ____, ____...
  • We pray for Mercy! Rain down.
  • We pray for Revival! Pour your Holy Spirit in this land.
  • We pray for a spirit of Hope! May we as believers be beacons of hope and ready to offer our hope in you during these unsettling times.
  • We pray your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

In Jesus' Mighty Name we pray. Amen.