The God Who Loves Pink


Follow me over to splatter joy! for today's poem:

"The God Who Loves Pink."



Wow! Can I just say you are a TOTAL blessing to me!?! Just wanted to say how encouraged I am by your feedback about the new site (splatter joy!)! The texts and calls and beautiful words from you are gifts I cherish, especially now in such difficult trials. So thank you for all the love and prayers! Thank you for being a people who has set your hearts fully on the Lord. I love that I know you by name, and I love that you have been recently introducing me to your friends. Please continue doing so! What a refreshment to meet new sisters and brothers in Christ!

Transitions are naturally a bumpy road, so hang tight during this time. Soon, we will move completely over to splatter joy!-- but as you all know, moving takes time.  I have had some hiccups with setting up the mailing list, hence me informing you here. : ) But, a new mailing list is in the works which will help you hop in the truck and move with me to our new little corner. More to come.

Til then, peace be with you. May you be filled with joy and wonder at our great God Who Loves Pink!