The Place of Weakness

This is exactly the place I am at. The place of weakness. And in the place of weariness, God is doing a strange thing to let me be the one that shares my hope in Christ and His strength. It's been weird posting excitedly about the book study and then switching gears back to an honest discussion of where I am at in my health.

But that's the glory of Christ. That tension of hope and strength and power from the Lord that resides in my weak, weary failing body. It makes me smile just to think of His quirky and beautiful ways!

And look at the Lord's sweetness to confirm my questions... "Lord, how am I going to physically lead this study when I am as weary as it gets?"

I love His kind response to me on Sunday below...

Sermon Notes from Sunday, May 22. Acts 27-28. by Chris Hemmelman:

  • "A place of weakness is exactly where you need to be to share Christ's strength confidently. The promise of hope in God is all the more glorious in our trials."
  • "Sometimes the vehicle God uses to line you up to share the gospel is through your trial, place of pain, weakness, vulnerability.
  • Come to grips with your trial. Name it. Acknowledge it. Don't bury it.
  • Then ask, "Is God's sovereign promise and strength greater than my circumstances and pain?"
  • His promises bring us freedom, confidence and rest!

Yes! And amen!

So that's where I am at. In a tension of weariness in body and true hope in spirit. 

Be strong and courageous today because He is with you!

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