Trusting God with Groceries

quirky grocery cart

by guest, Erika Blankenship

God has been asking me to be more careful with my grocery store budget recently. To live within the amount He sets for me. Today I pulled up to the grocery store needing to get my weeks worth of produce and some milk with $25 to spend.

As I was walking up to the doors, I felt God tell me to listen to Him as I did my shopping. He was going to help me.  He asked me not to keep a tally. Just trust Him. He would help me choose and everything would be as He planned.

I reminded Him about the budget, and He let me know that He's got it would be less than $25. Don't try and add it in your head....just trust me ok.

I walked up to the pineapple, beautiful, decent price...God says no. I glance longingly at the

Okay, I know I need carrots. He shows me two different bags to get. Cauliflower? No. Broccoli? Yes...but not those...look down...yep $1/lb those are the ones, there are two beautiful crowns of broccoli just for me.

See the cabbage, get that. Grab those stoplight peppers. I tell God that's a bit indulgent at that price. He says look how beautiful they grew. They are for your family.

Go ahead and get some cucumbers He tells me. Whoa, God. $.89 each and they don't look that great? I don't think so!! He tells me to look up a little and I see a beautiful bag of salad cucumbers $2.98. Okay. I'll get them. Now what?

He says he has a treat for me, just look over there...a beautiful bunch of beets and they are still wearing their growing dirt. My husband will be so excited to see them!

He tells me to turn around, grab spaghetti squash and get to the dairy section for my milk. I pass so many wonderful temptations. Don't get that bread. You don't need those. Leave it there. Not today. I'm still listening. Milk in hand I head to the front of the store.

I remind Him that I had a budget for today, He says don't worry this is less than $25. My basket is overflowing and I say are you sure? He says you listened, I helped you, and it is less than $25.

The lady at the register rings everything up for me. While I wait, I swipe my debit card, entermy pin number, and stand waiting expectantly... $23.98. He was right, we should shop together more often!

Danita here to wrap up:

“The Lord withholds no good thing from those whose walk is blameless. O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.” Psalm 84:11

Erika told me that when she got home with bags overflowing, her husband looked at her like, “What did you do?” And she handed him the receipt with a smile. “Don't worry! I went shopping with God!” He looked at the total and responded, “Wow! You did go shopping with God!”

She said her husband was delighted to see the stoplight peppers and started chopping one up right away for his lunchbox. And that he was pleased with the beets! “Look! They still have the dirt on them!” I marveled that God would show her what to indulge in like those stoplight peppers. And how her trusting God with her purchases likewise honored her husband.

Prayer: Father, thank you for my sweet friend Erika and for this story. Thank you that you care about the smallest details of our everyday lives. Thank you that you are very present with us. Thank you for showing us when to pass up temptations and when to indulge in the special treats you save aside for us.

Father, I've heard a lot of people lately who feel like they have a hard time hearing your voice. We ask that you assure us this week. Give us opportunities to know that we are the sheep of your pasture and we do hear your voice. Help us be brave and trust and obey when we think it might be you. Surprise us with your goodness and faithfulness. Small as buying groceries, big as buying a house... we trust it all to you. You care about every detail. And we are grateful for your steadfast love!

In Jesus' mighty Name. Amen.