Self-Care Kit Challenge

Designed for the woman who takes excellent care of everyone

but herself…


What’s a Self-Care Kit?

  • A daily love note in your inbox for two weeks! Each day will have one very simple thing you can do to practice self-care.

  • Each challenge will only take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes of your time. Because I know you’re busy AND I know you’re worth it. Let’s care for your own well-being.

  • I’ve kept the cost to nothing. You’ll have everything you need already at home.

I’m here to help you hear the still small voice of the Lord. He intimately knows you. He lavishly loves you. (He’s been telling me so!) And this is all His idea!

If you want to join in this FREE challenge, just sign up below:

And you get bonus points for sharing with a friend… because we ALL need a little more self-care these days!



“I love this!! Fantastic ideas!” -Lisette


“I’m really enjoying the challenges! Haven’t done these things for myself in ages!” -Amber