My name is Redeemed. But most people call me Danita. 


This is me. I'm a poem of praise. All dolled up, filled up with the Lord, and happy. I want to sing.

But I don't always look or feel this way.


This is also me. I'm a poem of lament. House is a mess. Hair isn't washed. Worn thin and chronically ill. And I can't run as fast as my bare-booty toddler to get the diaper on her bum. I want to cry.


So, there you are. Danita Jenae. Redeemed.

I'm a mix of Texas dirt, Colorado mountain air, and Florida's emerald waters.

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't born in in the 1940s... or in Brazil.

I love enjoying the company of international friends and all the vigor they bring to the way I see the world.

As we have moved across the country, we've been part of some thriving church communities--Baptist, International Anglican, Non-denominational, Evangelical, Assembly of God. It's so beautiful to see the Bride of Christ, in all her weaknesses and strengths, as One, in unity, being made spotless and pure.

That's my heart for the Church, that we'd be One, just as Jesus prayed so desperately right before taking up His cross.

And as for my heart for you...

God still speaks. And I want to help you hear Him.

His Kingdom is here. I want to help you draw near to Him.

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