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quirky & hidden beginnings:

Once upon a time, I gathered around the round table with my fellow event planners for a LeadHer Live conference. We discussed fundraising ideas and took turns rejoicing over the advertising spaces that the ladies had been able to secure.

That's when the Kingdom of God interrupted my thoughts. I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit... "Pay for an ad space."

Me: But I don't have anything to advertise! I argued.

The Holy Spirit: Advertise your blog.

Me: What blog?! I don't have a blog!

Only God makes you advertise for something that doesn't even exist yet.

I guess because to Him, the One who is from Everlasting to Everlasting, maybe it already does exist. (Thoughts to ponder.)

With fear and trembling, I wrote out a check and lifted it up with shaking hands.

"I have an advertisement to put in," I announced sheepishly. Everyone cheered, celebrating each step closer to our fundraising goal for the conference.

Dianne: Danita? An advertisement? For what?

Me: For my blog.

Monica: Danita? You have a blog?!

Me: No. I mean, yes. I mean… not yet.

Everybody: What's it called?

Me: I don't know!

And thus began a season of searching out the Lord for His purposes in this. I felt strongly led to focus on parables.

Modern day parables about the kingdom of God in our everyday lives. Teaching with word pictures so we could remember what He's teaching us.

I remember sketching out logo ideas. The Lord began to give me ideas and I drew them out with my fingers on the condensation of the shower's glass door. I began to draw it out with a dry-erase marker on the mirror. And then finally doodled it on paper. I just kind of sketched out what the Lord brought to mind. 

The castle reflected in the image of the house.

We are a reflection of the image of God. And every ordinary thing I touch seems to become a reflection of the ways of His kingdom. He is ever unfolding more and more of Himself, and in the quirkiest places.

Before I jumped in to write my own parables, the Lord made it very clear:

I needed to handwrite every single parable in the Gospels.

So I did.

Here are some of the parables that wrecked me, in the best way!

Can I tell you that was one of the coolest seasons I've had learning to discover Jesus. I began to fall in love with Him as a Master Teacher, Poet, and Writer. Seeing as that's kind of up my alley, I was hooked. Writing down His words, I learned more about Him and how to follow in His footsteps. I'm in awe of how He came down, in all His glory, to pick up mud and spit and heal. I'm in awe of how He came down in all His glory to do the simple work of a carpenter. To talk about simple things like cleaning cups and thrashing wheat. (In today's culture, that would've been about as common as talking about doing dishes, making soup, and loading laundry.) I love that Jesus doesn't work hard to impress us. He works hard to relate with us. He works hard to make Himself low and small. For us.

I learned as much as I could about parables from the one who created them in the first place. And when I completed copying His, He let me begin to write down some new ones.

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part two:

Where the Lord provided Tony and Haylee Weedn, precious and generous friends we simply do not deserve. Tony reminds of Chip Gaines... you have a vision? Let's make it reality! Thank you, dear friends. For making dreams come true.